Top 3 Miter Saw Reviews

This is a quick look of the top 3 miter saws in the market today.

1.            Hitachi C10FCE2. This miter saw has 15 amp motor. The power is great. 15 amps works really good especially the blade is a Hitachi 24 tooth blade. It got a lot of power it really cuts strong. It can cut 52 degrees both left and right on the miter side of things. And it also has a carbide blade included. It slides really nice. The clamp is a really good idea. This will help you real good if you want to do a lot of remodeling at your place, like for your walls, your bathroom, and garage, and name it. It cuts excellent through soft and hard wood. It will give you real accurate cuts! It has a neat feature when the fence is up and you need to use the compound, you can just pivot that out of the way. The slides can be locked on its place without a hassle.

2.            DEWALT DWS780 . This one is a step up from their base model. The old model has a 10-inch blade; this one has a 12-inch blade. It cuts in one direction. It can slide forward and backward. The extra cut capacity is 4 x 4 in one shot. The construction of the saw is made up of cast aluminum have been machine very nicely. Since it is aluminum, it is lightweight and easy to move around. However, it still retains the rigidity to give you an excellent cut quality. It has a nice feature where it has a pin on the back where you can push it and locks the saw down. When you push the pin, the saw rises up slowly. It doesn't slam. And the handle is located in the center of gravity which allows you to pick it up with one hand and carry it around. It comes with one support that can easily move from side to side of the table. This is good for long term remodeling work.

3.            DEWALT DWX723 . It has a 15 amp motor, direct drive and it's got 4  3/4  inches sliding fences. It has plenty of power. It doesn't bog down. The motor is remarkably, pretty quiet. It's very comparable to a belt drive. It cuts fine for softer woods. It has a 4 bevel dual slide. It means you are saving 2 inches of depth. It is good for sanding. The aluminum fit and finishes are nice. It is very comfortable to use. This is very good if you are a builder for custom homes, remodeling, like stairways, kitchen, crown molding, base casing et cetera.

These 3 miter saws are the best in the market today. Go get them while they last.To understand more about miter saw, visit .